Yorkshire artwork

As a Yorkshire lass, I have captured the scenes and moments of places across the Yorkshire landscape. There are many more creations to add to my Yorkshire Artwork collection, many of which are currently sketched within my sketchbook just patiently waiting to be painted onto a canvas.

A popular scene in Yorkshire for many other artists, but I couldn’t resist recreating this iconic scene of the York Shambles. Being my local city, I visit York on a regular basis so watch out for more iconic York scenes coming soon. 

The York shambles artwork is created using pencil and pastels to bring the street to life,.

The window on the left with the light on is the little chocolate shop – Monk Bar Chocolatiers. This is definitely one of my favourite shops in York.

Bainbridge in Spring, Wensleydale. This artwork is of Bainbridge green looking down towards the Rose and Crown hotel. In the middle of the green you can see the old stocks which are still present today.

I have added the daffodils on top of the hill in colour. These are a must see if you ever visit Wensleydale during the spring time. They used to spell out ‘Bainbridge’ up near the Cornmill Tea Room.

Something a little different here. Here is a new piece of abstract art, and not yet complete. Drax Power Station is an iconic feature on the Yorkshire Landscape. Love them or hate them, either way, they have produced electricity to thousands of us in Yorkshire.

I will be bringing in other key features to emphasise the industrial side of Selby. Industry plays a key role in Yorkshire, as does farming… another collection I’m passionate about.

Paintings of Yorkshire

Yorkshire is filled with lots of beautiful scenery. From the Yorkshire Dales to the Yorkshire Coast, there are lots of places to explore and recreate with oils and pencils. The Yorkshire artwork collection will be a popular range for me over the next few months. 

I have a few ideas of abstract work which also shows the industrial side of Yorkshire.

I also have a dedicated Yorkshire dales artwork page for all of you who are interested in scenes and landscape from the dales. I started my collection doing simple black and white drawings from old photographs of people at work in the Yorkshire dales. I grew up in 

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