Boxing Hares. One of the most iconic scenes in the countryside, but you’ve you will be very fortunate to see it happening. The boxing hare’s scene usually takes place around March. It happens when the female hare is trying to fend off the male hare.

Boxing Hares


Black & White

Running Hare. The original piece is produced on A2 paper using fine art pencils.

Running Hare


hare on Canvas

The Hare painting of a hare in the night meadow brigs two of my collections together. I adapted my meadow paintings collection and included a hare. I used the moonlight for the light in the painting to showcase the colourful meadow flowers and the hare.

Hare in the Night meadow


British Wildlife

Hare in cow parsley is part of my British wildlife range. Painted on natural linen canvas board.

Hare in Cow Parsley


Hare Paintings