The first piece of my elephant artwork collection. Here we have “The Thinker” elephant drawing. The the start of this collection I aim to capture the expressions the elephants are making. This one I have drawn using fine pencils to capture the detail in the elephants face. This particular one looks deep in thought – hence the name of the piece.

The Thinker


Black & White

The next piece in the elephant painting collections shows a determined elephant. The eyes of this elephant have a determined look. Again I have used fine pencils to highlight the face of the elephant to get the detail in the artwork. I have chosen pencils especially for this on the first part of the collection. Also the fact that elephants are grey make the choice of medium ideal.




This piece of the collection is call “motherly love” I hoped capture the loving side of the elephant especially towards there young. This elephant artwork is again done in pencil for the detail. I ran a poll on my facebook site for people to choose their favourite elephant drawing to date. The motherly love picture came out as the best piece in the poll. Do you agree?

Motherly Love


Pencil Drawings

Elephant Artwork

I hope to expand my elephant artwork collection soon by introducing a bit of colour. Elephant paintings using either oils or acrylic paints to capture a dramatic background for the elephants sounds good to me.

If you like a particular piece in the elephant range please visit my shop or click on the one you like above for more information regarding prices. Prints are available for all three of the above drawings. If your lucky the original piece might also be still available. Prints are limited to 50 so be quick to avoid disappointment. All artwork can be mounted for you or you can just purchase the artwork itself.