‘The Thinker’ Elephant was Alison Brown’s first Elephant drawing. Alison aimed to capture the key characteristics of each elephant.  This particular elephant appeared to be deep in thought – hence the name of the piece.

The Thinker


Black & White

The ‘Determined’ Elephant.

Created using fine art pencils on fine art paper.




‘Motherly Love’

This most popular elephant print was inspired by Alison’s passion for elephants, but also for the loving bond between any living species.

Motherly Love


Pencil Drawings

Elephant Artwork

Alison plans to create new elephant artwork soon. 

If you like a particular piece in the elephant range, please visit my shop or click on the one you like above for more information regarding prices. Prints are available for all three of the above drawings. Prints are limited up to 50 copies in each drawing.