Childrens artwork

‘Splish Splash’

Using her own children as inspiration, Alison has created these mixed media (acrylic and pencil) drawings. The simplicity emphasises that key moment in time… the background fades and the child fixates on the activity at hand.

‘Touching Puddles’

The simple pleasure of watching the ripples form around a single touch and the reflection becomes distorted. This artwork captures the moment of exploration following a downpour.

‘Kids hate Sprouts’ (or do they?)

This picture captures the joy of watching vegetables grow and finally being able to harvest them and… eat them… or not.

‘Swishing Leaves’

The joy of going out for a walk in the autumn. All Alison Brown’s child’s play range are created using mixed media of black and white pencil drawings and acrylics to enhance to picture.

‘This One’

Choosing the perfect pumpkin. These pumpkin’s were chosen from Bert’s Barrows Farm Shop in Monk Fryston Yorkshire.

Alison Brown has created several commissions in this style.