Meadow paintings

Meadow Bloom

Meadow bloom. This was the first of the meadow paintings collection. My aim for this range is to add lots of colour the the paintings using natural english wild flowers . The meadow artwork collection are

Sunset meadow. Moving on from the meadow bloom I have added a sunset in this meadow painting to add a different colour of light in the background. Keeping with the poppy theme which add a bold red to the paintings.

Scottish Meadow

Moving away from my Yorkshire roots. This painting is called Scottish meadow. Using the purple colours of the thistle this meadow painting has another different wild look to it

Hare in the night meadow. This painting is also part of my Hare collection. To work the light a bit different from the other meadow artwork I have used the moonlight to add light to the painting. Adding a hare to the piece also gives it a focal point.

All the original meadow paintings were produced on canvas using acrylic paints to show the vibrant colours of the wild meadows. I have reproduced some of the collection into prints with are available in my online shop. Prints are limited edition and limited to 50 prints for each meadow painting.