Childrens artwork

Splashing in puddles. The childrens artwork range was my first experiment with adding colour to black and white drawings. Here we have a child jumping in puddles. The simple things can occupy a child’s imagination.

Touching puddles. A little girls feeling the texture of the puddles and learning how the water reflects light like a mirror.

Kids hate sprouts. The fun is certainly in the picking of sprouts rather than the eating of them as we found out later in the day!

Kicking leaves. The fun of going out for a walk in the autumn. All my child’s play range are the same media of black and white pencil drawings using acrylic paints for the touch of colour.

This one. It was defiantly the autumn when I decided on this collection. Choosing the perfect pumpkin is a big decision for a child. The pumpkin’s were picked from Bert’s barrows farm shop in Monk Fryston Yorkshire.

This is the last of my children’s artwork range. I have done several commissions using the same design for peoples children. All in all it has been a successful collection.