Canvas Wall Art

Amazing wall art ideas painted on canvas. All the original paintings are listed here.

Canvas Paintings

Rufus the highland cow painting
Hamish highland cow
highland cow painting
Hare Painting
Meadow Bloom
Scottish Meadow
Sunset Meadow

My original canvas wall art range in a selection of sizes. The largest canvas I use are 80 cm  x 60 cm. I have used this size for two original pieces so far. The large original paintings are my “hare in the night meadow” and “Rufus” from my Highland cow collection. Canvas wall art is the perfect option to help bring your room to life. Filled with colour the canvas can brighten up the darkest of rooms. For a modern look to your room you can put two or three canvas’s of the same collection together. This fills out a large area of wall space and gives you and others a topic to compare the different artwork.

Buy canvas wall art direct from the artist. By doing this you are supporting local UK artists and also getting a unique piece of artwork. Buying cheap mass produced printed artwork is an option for small budgets and will be a wall filler but it offers no value and you will probably find you will hardly look or study it. My original canvas artwork is produced using either oil or acrylic paints. Rufus (highland cow collection) is produced using oil paints. The original artwork has all the lumps and bumps from the oils. This is something you just don’t get with printed artwork on canvas.

Wall Art For The Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your house and usually the biggest room. This room is also the place you spend most of your time in so why not brighten it up with some wall art for the living room. Choose from a range of meadow paintings to highland cattle. New paintings are added to my collections frequently. My new collection for 2018 is the hare paintings range. So far I have produced paintings and drawings of hare’s in the wild. I have included one of my pieces in my canvas wall art gallery. The hare in the night meadow is painted on a large 80cm x 60cm canvas. Capturing the hare in the night and using the moonlight for the light source. I have featured this piece in an exhibition recently and it received a lot of attention which was very pleasing. The hare in the night meadow is also available as prints. All my prints are printed on paper in A3 and A4 sizes.